Chef Made Suarsa

Chef’s Made Suarsa is a highly accomplished and celebrated pastry chef known for their exceptional skills and innovative creations in the world of desserts. With a passion for baking and an artistic flair, Chef’s Made Suarsa has made a significant impact on the culinary industry.

Chef’s Made Suarsa is an esteemed chef and an active member of the Indonesian Chef Association (ICA). Their passion for culinary arts and dedication to promoting Indonesian cuisine has led them to take on a leadership role within the ICA as the Chairman of the Badung Regency Chapter in Bali. As the Chairman of the ICA Badung Regency, Chef’s Made Suarsa plays a pivotal role in representing the interests of local chefs and culinary professionals. They work diligently to foster a sense of community among chefs, encourage collaboration, and promote the culinary heritage of the region.





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